3 Roses

As always, this new vintage is still a blend of the rose’s of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Zinfandel.  It has a fresh bouquet and the finish is very smooth.  This wine is at its best served chilled in the warmer months and at cellar temperature as the temperature cools off.  This rose’ is more flavorful than one of those Pouty Pinks from Provence.  It has a great flavor profile that allows it to be paired with Salmon, Ham, Turkey and Lamb.  It is light enough for turkey but has enough flavor to go with all of those weird side dishes we have at Thanksgiving.


This wine brings out the Tuscan in all of us.  Of course, I cannot sell it to you until you can pronounce it...but we will practice a lot while tasting.  Sangiovese is the grape that is in Chianti the main wine from Tuscany.  The wine is full bodied and great with a steak.  But I think it may pair best with anything with a red sauce.  So pasta and pizza may be best. 

Big Red Steak Wine

The new version is out and it is a 60/40 blend of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon.  It is really great with anything off the grill but we think of rib eye first.  Think of that Rib Eye off the grill with a little burned fat and cooked to your taste.  The general rule is that the bigger the flavor of the food; the more flavor you need in the wine.


This new version is 80 percent Syrah with 10 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 10 percent Tempranillo.  It was named the “Best Oklahoma Red Wine” at the wine competition held at the Watonga Cheese and Wine Festival.  The wine is very smooth and flavorful.  I like to talk about it as the “griller’s wine”.  Usually anything you put on the grill will have a little more spice.  And you get the toasting of the meat and the smell of the fire.  This “bigger flavor” allows you to pair a red wine with white and lightly colored meats. 


Still one of the best “WURST” wines...as in knockwurst and bratwurst. Although this is a semi dry wine, it does have a hint of sweetness.  Pears and apricots are evident in the nose.  Dry and semi dry wines are easier to pair with food.  The light flavor and fragrance go well with creamy cheeses, white fish, chicken and creamy dishes of chicken, fish or vegetables.

Think Pink

This new wine is out in support of “Breast Cancer Research and Outreach”.  And a portion of the sale will be donated to a local breast cancer outreach group.  The wine reminds me of cranberry juice with that sweet-tartness at the very beginning.  It would be great as a chilled cocktail wine with a variety of hors d’oeuvres or with a light dinner or brunch.  Think of your mom and wife this spring.  After all you are the reason they drink.

Wine for Stoops

Always lightly sweetened with the taste of Victory.  You get a hint of dark fruit such as plum or black cherry in the nose.  It has a light fruit bomb on the front of your tongue but a nice clean and balanced finish.  It is great for cookouts and sporting events.  It is really a must for football games.